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PENDLETON / Blanket Robe / Thunder Quarrel Jacquard

210.00 300.00

Wool blanket 64 x 80".  Made in the USA.

The story of the Thunder Quarrel blanket: Wind and Thunder are brothers in the sky. Long ago, they quarreled when Thunder claimed he could do good on the Earth without any help. Wind dispersed to the Earth’s far corners, leaving Thunder behind the still air. Thunder brought mighty storms, but without the cooling Wind, the air was hot and crops failed. He could do no good alone. Thunder set up feathers to catch a hint of Wind, but the feathers were still. Thunder called, “Brother, you are nowhere. I beg you to come back for the good of the Earth.” The Wind returned, and worked with Thunder to refresh the Earth. 

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ZE494-53270 Robe Thunder Quarrel.jpg